More On The Impending Doom… I meant Apple Tablet Computer.

No, I do not believe that Apple will call its often imagined, rumored and fabled tablet computing device “iSlate.” It is a terrible name. Apple actually has people on payroll to think of names. Now, if any Apple Executives and Steve Jobs read this post, I would be happy to be on your payroll. I can think of literally thousands of product names Apple should not have used ever. I guarantee that I will bring revenues to Apple in tens of dollars.

The followings are product names that shouldn’t be used for the fabled Apple tablet computing device:

  • iSlate – seems to be made of two words, “is” and “late.” When you attach “Apple” in the name, it reads “Apple iS late.”
  • iPad – too close iPod.
  • iTablet – enough with the iName product for now.
  • iDea pad – what is a “Dea” anyway?

Well, this has been a pointless rant from me.

i Very Am opinionated.


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