Letterpress, a great idea with a long way to go.

Atebits has a hit and it is called Letterpress. It is indeed an addictive game. Pretty sure that a lot of people are plying Letterpress at any moment. There is one big problem though. I could rarely play a game to the bitter end; winning or losing. The problem is that almost all of my […]

Repairing iPhone 5

I had a conversation with firstname@apple.com on Wednesday about iPhone 5. We were talking about the iPhone 5 design process. Apparently Apple is still looking for ways to make front glass replacement as easy as possible. I assumed that Apple Store Geniuses would be trained on replacing the front glass so they can perform the […]

iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.2 to arrive on the same day.

According to a source who insisted that he/she is not Scott Forstall or Craig Federighi, iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.2 will be available for download on the same day. One really exciting feature of both iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.2 is the Unified Apple ID for FaceTime and iMessage. This means iPhone users […]

The line at UPS Office is just as long as the ones at the Apple Stores.

My friend ordered an iPhone 4S to be delivered to his home. Unfortunately UPS showed up when nobody’s home. So he called UPS with the intention to pick it up at the UPS Customer SErvice Center; just like a few hundreds of people. Upon arriving to the UPS Customer Service Center, he saw a long […]

Tin Foil Hat: Facebook Places is another way to invade your privacy.

Wear your tin foil hat people, Facebook would like to know the places you’ve been. Enter (the evil) Facebook Places. There was foursquare and Gowalla, so what’s the big deal? Facebook or F*c*book as I call it, encourage” the users to include actual personal information to the profile as opposed to foursquare and Gowalla where […]

Elitist and Dentite: Enjoy your iPhone 4.

So, how long have you been waiting in line? What time did you get there? Oh, you’ve got it in the mail already. That’s good for you. I know that you will enjoy your latest acquisition called the iPhone 4. So which one did you get? The 16GB or the 32GB model? See I didn’t waste […]

I might not be picking up iPhone 4 on Thursday, I want the white one.

It is official, Apple won’t be having any white iPhone 4 on the day of the launch. What does this mean? I am pretty sure I’ll be forgoing my iPhone 4 reservation this Thursday. I was one of the few people got through the reservation system on June 15th, 2010. Yeah, being an insomniac has […]