Record Store Day 2016

I spent most of the daylight on Record Store Day walking around the neiborhood, scouring local record stores for some Record Store Day exclusives. I was hoping to find Iron Maiden’s “Empire of the Cloud” limited edition 12″ vinyl. Unfortunately the local stores in my area had none in stock. I’m ended up picking up […]

Shawn King Needs Your Help

I learned from John Gruber that Shawn King, host of Your Mac Life, is needing dental surgery. The really bad news is that the procedure would cost a lot and Shawn can’t afford it. Mac Users like you can Help Shawn. Go to ——- Note: I also posted this on that one site I usually contribute to. ——- Personal Note: […]

2014: Eleven dot Four

November 4, 2008 – Barack Obama was elected to become the 44th President of The United States. By the way, Happy 62nd birthday, NSA. ——- November 4, 2014 is a Mid-Term Election Day Taken with Canon EOS 60D and Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens. ISO: 1600 Focal Length: 50mm Aperture: f/5 Exposure time: 1/25 Cropped and resized using Acorn 4 for […]