Shawn King Needs Your Help

I learned from John Gruber that Shawn King, host of Your Mac Life, is needing dental surgery. The really bad news is that the procedure would cost a lot and Shawn can’t afford it. Mac Users like you can Help Shawn. Go to ——- Note: I also posted this on that one site I usually contribute to. ——- Personal Note: […]

More On The Impending Doom… I meant Apple Tablet Computer.

No, I do not believe that Apple will call its often imagined, rumored and fabled tablet computing device “iSlate.” It is a terrible name. Apple actually has people on payroll to think of names. Now, if any Apple Executives and Steve Jobs read this post, I would be happy to be on your payroll. I […]

Apple iS late!

Some Apple news sites are reporting the same thing about the impending and fabled Apple tablet computer. reported that Apple purchased back in 2007; thus speculating that iSlate would be the name of this elusive and yet often imagined Apple tablet computing device. Apple iSlate Something is catchy about it. Apple iS late […]