Nexus S, a lesson of what not to do in marketing.

I got an email from Google reminding me that the Nexus S phone is now available at Best Buy stores. I checked Best Buy site to check Nexus S availability and found out that most of the ones in my area should have Nexus S in stock. I went to the closest Best Buy store […]

Somewhat Frequently Asked Question: Why John Gruber Hates Paul Thurrott?

I saw this particular question and laughed a little bit: why did john gruber hate thurott I do not think that John Gruber hates Paul Thurrott. I do get the sense that Gruber is irritated by Thurrott’s statements. Many times Gruber points out the inconsistencies in what Thurrott’s been saying, as often as Thurrott contradicts […]

John Gruber put Paul Thurrott on notice again for trolling.

John Gruber once again is pointing out how Bias Paul Thurrott is. Even though Gruber himself is known as an Apple defender, he never denied it. As opposed to Thurrott who always says that he is impartial observer of the tech news even though his actions made him look like a Microsoft employee. From Daring […]

Tin Foil Hat: Facebook Places is another way to invade your privacy.

Wear your tin foil hat people, Facebook would like to know the places you’ve been. Enter (the evil) Facebook Places. There was foursquare and Gowalla, so what’s the big deal? Facebook or F*c*book as I call it, encourage” the users to include actual personal information to the profile as opposed to foursquare and Gowalla where […]

So it has begun, FarmVille invades 7-Eleven

FarmVille addicts can now get more points at 7-Eleven. Zynga is partnering with 7-Eleven promoting FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille. Fortunately I could care less about playing those games in Facebook. Considering that F*c*book is leaking informations through games, I could care even less.

The Karate Kid should be retitled to The Kung-Fu Child

The Karate Kid is an example of lazy and unoriginal attempt at movie making. It also stabs pop culture on the knee. How can they re-make Karate Kid and replaced Karate with Kung-Fu and still call it The Karate Kid? Jackie Chan just lost a few cool points for being in this movie. I wonder […]

Conan O’Brien and NBC are about to reach settlement.

I have always enjoyed Conan O’Brien show since he first started on Late Night in 1993. I was excited when he took over The Tonight Show in June 2009. According to a lot of News Media, Conan O’Brien and NBC are close to reach settlement. O’Brien and his staff will be receiving severance pay and […]

Am I really that gullible? I don’t think so! There is no Obama Fund. Take that you scammer!

Seriously, there are a lot of scammers out there trying to get your money by any mean possible. This one really makes me laugh. “Wow, it’s an email from Obama Foundation. I’m getting $1,000,000.00 soon. Oh Your God!” There is no such Obama Foundation. “Dear scammer, please suffer a long and painful ways to die!” […]

John Grubber further exposes Paul Thurrott as a Shill and a Troll.

Gotta love John Gruber for exposing Paul Thurrott’s true nature, a shill and a troll. Someone needs to stop Thurrott! Definitely it won’t be Leo Laporte who seems to be enamored with Thurrott. UPDATE: This might be what Troll Thurrott was referring about. There’s nothing new here, really! Thurrott is profiting from a lot […]

Waiting for Google Nexus One.

I am really interested in getting Google Nexus One. Even though Engadget has posted the review for the much anticipated Google phone, I still am hoping that Google would reveal more surprises on the January 5th, 2010 event. For sure I wouldn’t be getting Google Nexus One if the darn thing incompatible with AT&T 3G […]