CrunchGear Live CES 2010 Keynote Coverage.

If you’re interested in what Steve “Monkey Boy – Developers, Developers, Developers” Ballmer is saying tonight, you can head on to CrunchGear Live CES 2010 Coverage. It also streams here: (apparently Microsoft stream does not work on Google Chrome, at least on my computers). Steve Ballmer attempted to crack some jokes, but no one’s laughing. This is even more excruciating than watching DoucheBags on MTV.

They were playing Black Eyed Peas song for the keynote; Black Eyed Peas sucks, bunch of talentless hacks! On the other hand, I listen to Dream Theater; they’re a bunch of long-haired Hippies (Well, Jordan Rudess has a shaved head but he also has long beard).

Microsoft is still talking about XBox 360. Seriously, will they ever reveal why XBox 360 loves the Red Ring of Death? I can tell you that Microsoft made a bad decision with XBox 360 design. Instead of redesign, Microsoft opted to force the vendor (nV………. what?) to manufacture the broken chipset. Good moves, Microsoft. BUMPS!

Windows Mobile is a total joke, especially with the release of Google Nexus One Phone. Go Android! HTC HD2 on T-Mobile network; good luck competing with Google Nexus One Phone (yet another HTC product). The winner in this battle is clearly HTC.

Anyway, enjoy the CES 2010 Keynote.

I’m hungry, gonna get some food!


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  1. Wow, I can’t believe that I am about to say this but your worse than Engadget. Way too much unjustified Microsoft hating out there. I love it when people make blanket statements, just proves that they don’t know the first thing about anything. You clearly didn’t watch the entire keynote and you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Good day, sir.

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