Listening to “Burnt Ice” and “Playing With Dolls.”

I’m currently taking a break from listening podcast and back to listening to music on my iPhone. Megadeth’s “Burnt Ice” and Slayer’s “Playing With Dolls” were playing back to back. Great songs. I’m going to go through my CD collections, yes I buy CDs; and find some music I used to listen a lot. “Burnt […]

Four CD’s in my car: Slayer, Megadeth, Foo fighters, and Dream Theater.

SLAYER – World Painted Blood Can’t wait too see them again. Got the floor ticket for the American Carnage Tour this February 2010. Yes, they’ll be sharing the stage with Megadeth. According to my source, Slayer will be closing each night  on the American Carnage Tour. Slayer and Megadeth are only half of “The Big Four” […]