Stargate Universe is canceled, people still wonder how to pronounce SyFy.

It is official if it is announced on Twitter, isn’t it? Stargate Universe is cancelled after only one and a half season. Craig Engler, also known as @Syfy on Twitter announced the cancellation. The remainder 10 episodes will air in 2011. Well, at least you can still watch WWE SmackDown on SyFy.

Family Guy: “Brian Writes a Best Seller”

The November 21st, 2010 episode of Family Guy titled “Brian Writes a Best Seller” is hilarious. I laughed pretty hard watching this episode. One of the better Family Guy Episode this season. Less Peter’s shenanigans and more Brian and Stewie. spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it on Fox, download it from iTunes, Amazon or some random […]

Just finish watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” on Apple TV.

Starting to get the use out of the Apple TV, I finished watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” a few minutes ago. The episodes are available through iTunes Store. It is not available directly on the Apple TV yet since MGM has not signed on the Apple TV rental services. The HD version from iTunes […]

I still don’t know a lot about Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies.

Thanks to USA Network and my quasi-Insomnia, I found out that there are a lot more Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies out there. Seriously, how come I never heard of them before? While I’m on the subject, there are also lots of Wesley Snipes movies I have never heard of. Then again, I […]

Conan O’Brien and NBC are about to reach settlement.

I have always enjoyed Conan O’Brien show since he first started on Late Night in 1993. I was excited when he took over The Tonight Show in June 2009. According to a lot of News Media, Conan O’Brien and NBC are close to reach settlement. O’Brien and his staff will be receiving severance pay and […]