John Gruber invited Paul Thurrott to guess on The Talk Show.

This might be last week news but still worth mentioning. John Gruber invited Paul Thurrott to guess on The Talk Show. On The Talk Show With John Grubber – “2: Dare I Say, Kubrick?” 5 minutes and 38 seconds into the show Gruber mentioned that he would like to have Thurrott on the show. Joking […]

Leo Laporte to the rescue?

Just listened to the first 15 minutes of Windows Weekly 185. Leo Laporte is definitely taking sides on the pseudo Gruber v. Thurrott saga. As usual, Thurrott is being passive aggressive towards Gruber. When Leo mentioned that he knew John Gruber, Thurrott said: “Was he a prick?” To be fair, Thurrott’s feeling was hurt for […]

What is with the John Gruber versus Paul Thurrott Obsession?

I just noticed that there’s a lot of queries about John Gruber an Paul Thurrott here. Then again, out of all the people who wasted took their time reading what I posted, only 2 commented so far. Well, at least one person is interested in the cover art for 2012 movie. Paul Thurrott fans must […]

Somewhat Frequently Asked Question: Why John Gruber Hates Paul Thurrott?

I saw this particular question and laughed a little bit: why did john gruber hate thurott I do not think that John Gruber hates Paul Thurrott. I do get the sense that Gruber is irritated by Thurrott’s statements. Many times Gruber points out the inconsistencies in what Thurrott’s been saying, as often as Thurrott contradicts […]

John Gruber put Paul Thurrott on notice again for trolling.

John Gruber once again is pointing out how Bias Paul Thurrott is. Even though Gruber himself is known as an Apple defender, he never denied it. As opposed to Thurrott who always says that he is impartial observer of the tech news even though his actions made him look like a Microsoft employee. From Daring […]

John Grubber further exposes Paul Thurrott as a Shill and a Troll.

Gotta love John Gruber for exposing Paul Thurrott’s true nature, a shill and a troll. Someone needs to stop Thurrott! Definitely it won’t be Leo Laporte who seems to be enamored with Thurrott. UPDATE: This might be what Troll Thurrott was referring about. There’s nothing new here, really! Thurrott is profiting from a lot […]