2014: Six dot Eighteen

June 18, 2014 – Amazon announces Fire Phone Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney ——- At the end of the day, it sounds like a good idea to unwind with some wines. Taken with Canon EOS 60D and Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens. ISO: 3200 Focal Length: 50mm Aperture: f/1.8 Exposure time: 1/100 Cropped and resized using Acorn 4 for Mac.

2014: Five dot One

The first day of May is also known as “May Day” and “International Workers’ Day“. I spent the day flying to San Francisco International Airport (SFO), riding the BART to downtown San Francisco and setting up a Keynote presentation. The beverages were definitely not approved by my dentist. Taken with Canon EOS 60D and Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM …