Repairing iPhone 5

I had a conversation with on Wednesday about iPhone 5. We were talking about the iPhone 5 design process. Apparently Apple is still looking for ways to make front glass replacement as easy as possible. I assumed that Apple Store Geniuses would be trained on replacing the front glass so they can perform the […]

So I caved in and subscribed to Netflix.

Thanks to some discussions about old movies with friends, I subscribed to Netflix. So for the past few days I watched a few movies from long time ago; that would be the 70’s and the 80’s. Most of the movies I watch on video sometimes in late 80’s as a kid, I thought they were awesome then. […]

Just finish watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” on Apple TV.

Starting to get the use out of the Apple TV, I finished watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” a few minutes ago. The episodes are available through iTunes Store. It is not available directly on the Apple TV yet since MGM has not signed on the Apple TV rental services. The HD version from iTunes […]