The gift that is a Mac mini.

I’ve been working with a lot of people and companies. This year I’ve narrowed down the Nice and the Naughty. I will not name any names for now, since I believe in the benefit of the doubt. Well, the Naughty one has actually been really naughty. Breaking all promises and having no problems taking advantage of trust.

Well, I am grateful that someone offered me a Mac mini as a Christmas gift. I thank you for the thought.


This Unibody MacBook might be a bomb, therefore shoot it first.

Lily Sussman became a well known personality on the Internet for the ordeal she had to deal with in November 2009. Her Unibody MacBook was given some “lead” treatment by Israeli security officers. The good news is that Sussman’s MacBook hard-drive survived the “gunfight” and more importantly the Israeli Government promised to reimbursed her for a replacement.

Israeli security officers said that her MacBook was suspicious and it might be a bomb threat. So the first thing they did was giving it a few shots; literally.

I am not a certified bomb expert, but for sure shooting a supposed bomb would be something I would not do.

Four CD’s in my car: Slayer, Megadeth, Foo fighters, and Dream Theater.

Slayer - World Painted Blood

SLAYER – World Painted Blood

Can’t wait too see them again. Got the floor ticket for the American Carnage Tour this February 2010. Yes, they’ll be sharing the stage with Megadeth. According to my source, Slayer will be closing each night  on the American Carnage Tour. Slayer and Megadeth are only half of “The Big Four” who will be gracing Sonisphere Festival in Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. According to a different source, a little Danish Elf wants to bring “The Big Four Tour” to the United States.

Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits

FOO FIGHTERS – Greatest Hits

Foo Fighters is one of the best Rock Band around. This “Greatest Hits” packs the fans favorite including the first official release of “Everlong” acoustic version.

Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings

DREAM THEATER – Black Clouds & Silver Linings

OK, I like Dream Theater and this album is pretty good. I actually bought the limited edition package that includes the Vinyl and the Audio Stem.

Megadeth - Endgame

MEGADETH – Endgame

Dave Mustaine is Megadeth; despite of the line-up changes Megadeth is still Megadeth. This is the second Megadeth record for both Shawn Drover and James LoMenzo. Chris Broderick lays numbers of blistering solos in this record. “This Day We Fight” is my current favorite from “Endgame.”

The Big Four Tour: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

I’m thrilled to find out that “The Big Four” Thrash Metal Bands will finally be sharing a stage in one show. I’ve heard about the effort to bring all four bands together for quite some times, mostly all talks.

Now, here’s the completely unofficial news. The Big Four might be doing a “few” shows in North America. A little Danish Elf is surely thinking about it. News News News