I’ll take two dozens for one full Evil please.

One vice that I have is drinking Coca Cola in an excessive amount. Now I know that 12 cans of Coca Cola is half-EVIL!

In that case, I’ll take two dozens please.


Go see “Avatar” in Theater.

Just got home from seeing “Avatar” in IMAX 3D Theatre, it was great. One thing I always hate about IMAX 3D is wearing polarized glasses.

The looks of the movie is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The mix between live action and visual effects works really well. I really like Michelle Rodriguez performance in this movie.

The story line is a bit predictable but does not ruin the experience. James Cameron once again raised the bar in movie making.

Listening to “Burnt Ice” and “Playing With Dolls.”

I’m currently taking a break from listening podcast and back to listening to music on my iPhone.

Megadeth’s “Burnt Ice” and Slayer’s “Playing With Dolls” were playing back to back. Great songs.

I’m going to go through my CD collections, yes I buy CDs; and find some music I used to listen a lot.

“Burnt Ice” is from “United Abominations” by Megadeth.

“Playing With Dolls” is from “World Painted Blood” by Slayer.

Slayer and Megadeth are co-headlining American Carnage Tour this early 2010. Yep, I’m going!

“Avatar” on IMAX Tonight.

Got the ticket to see “Avatar” in IMAX Theatre tonight thanks to a good friend. I don’t usually go to movies and did not plan to see “Avatar” in the theater. I do have a friend who provided a lot of motion captures for this movie. As usual I don’t know if I could sit for 2 hours and lots of minutes in the theater watching this movie.

I know that the visuals of “Avatar” is amazing. Story-wise, I don’t know.

Next in To Do List: Install Windows 7 Upgrade.

Year 2009 is coming to an end and there’s no rest for the wicked. I will be installing Windows 7 upgrade on a Gateway PC. I just hate the fact Microsoft is imposing stupid upgrade policy with Windows 7.

I want to clean install Windows 7 on the computer, and yet there’s no simple way to do it with the upgrade media. Microsoft should let users clean install Windows after verifying upgrade eligibility.

Another Knee Jerk Reaction from TSA.

So, an inconsiderate idiotic terrorist trying to detonate a bomb in an airplane and failed. According to news source (USA TODAY) Transportation Security Administration will impose a severe limits to what passengers can carry and what passengers and crews can do during flight.

Look at what our world turns into?

Basically passengers must surrender their Civil Liberty when they’re flying into the U.S.

I hate the fact there are moronic individuals who want to cause harms to others for some idiotic cause. But we shouldn’t give up our Civil Liberties over it.

We should ban cars because it can be used for malicious intent.
We should ban computers because it can be used to attack the power plants, etc.
We should ban knives because they can be used to harm other people.

In the end I realize that this is my knee jerk reaction to the news about this stupid incident and its consequences.

Leo Laporte is Delusional.

It is apparent that Leo Laporte is slowly losing his objectivity on a lot of matters.

First, Laporte said that there are new security holes found on WordPress platform every 5 minutes. I’m not saying that WordPress doesn’t have any security problems, but Laporte is saying that to promote Squarespace. Seriously Leo, I know you’re getting some payolas from Squarespace, but please stop distorting the fact.

Yes this post is hosted by WordPress.com, but I’m not getting paid for this.

I also installed WordPress on numbers of sites. Sure I need to keep up with the patches and updates. It is the same thing with maintaining any Operating Systems.

Second, Laporte keeps saying that Snow Leopard is trouble. Just because Laporte was/is not inept to figure out the so called problems he had with Snow Leopard installations, he is quickly to call it a blunder on Apple’s part. It is also apparent that Laporte showed some jealousy towards the “big media” tech journalists. Leo, your personal experience does not reflect everyone else’s.

Third, Laporte thinks that Paul Thurrott is a great tech journalist and an expert. Thurrott is not a tech journalist. Calling Thurrott an expert is like calling Carlos Mencia funny. Thurrott is basically a PR in tech journalist skin.

Leo Laporte is an example of fanboyism. Sometimes it’s a good things, but sometimes the damage it causes greater than the good.

Leo, please stop telling your radio listeners about how you feel. Tell them the truth.

More On The Impending Doom… I meant Apple Tablet Computer.

No, I do not believe that Apple will call its often imagined, rumored and fabled tablet computing device “iSlate.” It is a terrible name. Apple actually has people on payroll to think of names. Now, if any Apple Executives and Steve Jobs read this post, I would be happy to be on your payroll. I can think of literally thousands of product names Apple should not have used ever. I guarantee that I will bring revenues to Apple in tens of dollars.

The followings are product names that shouldn’t be used for the fabled Apple tablet computing device:

  • iSlate – seems to be made of two words, “is” and “late.” When you attach “Apple” in the name, it reads “Apple iS late.”
  • iPad – too close iPod.
  • iTablet – enough with the iName product for now.
  • iDea pad – what is a “Dea” anyway?

Well, this has been a pointless rant from me.

i Very Am opinionated.

Apple iS late!

Some Apple news sites are reporting the same thing about the impending and fabled Apple tablet computer. MacRumors.com reported that Apple purchased iSlate.com back in 2007; thus speculating that iSlate would be the name of this elusive and yet often imagined Apple tablet computing device.

Apple iSlate

Something is catchy about it.

Apple iS late

Oops. Apple iS late getting into tablet computer market.

Seriously, the name iSlate for Apple product is not that great. I will stand corrected if Apple actually use this name. If they did, then Apple iS late!