No Google Nexus One Phone for Me.

Now that all have been revealed, I wouldn’t be getting Google Nexus One Phone, at least for now. The reason being is the lack of 3G support on AT&T network. I want Nexus One Phone without changing service provider, as I am with AT&T right now. In addition to that, the unlocked price is $529.

I will have to wait. I don’t want to give up the iPhone for now.


Playlist for 2010-01-04


The iPhone in shuffle mode.

Anthrax – Safe Home
Pantera – I’ll Cast A Shsdow
Slayer – Live Undead
Bad Religion – My Poor Friend Me
Metallica – Better Than You
Guns N’ Roses – Street Of Dreams
Skid Row – Rattlesnake Shake
Megadeth – One Thing
Foo Fighters – All My Life
Mr. Big – Mama D.
Bad Religion – What Can You Do?
Metallica – Through The Never
Megadeth – Wake Up Dead
Pantera – Cat Scratch Fever
Pearl Jam – Glorified G

Trojan and Virus Versus ComboFix in Windows XP.

It is pretty apparent why I have a love and hate relationship with Windows XP. Got a call on Sunday Evening from a friend in need of assistance. An IBM ThinkPad (it’s Lenovo) fell victim to AntiVirus 2010 and some other bad Malware. As usual Task Manager doesn’t work at all along with Registry Editor. Basically it prevents any programs that might be used to remove the Malware.  I needed to improvise.

Usually ComboFix would help remove some if not most of the Malware, but the problem is the Malware automatically deleted Combofix.exe regardless of its file name.

I downloaded ComboFix.exe from a trusted source and rename it to and transfer it to ThinkPad. I renamed TaskMgr.exe to so it could run without being intercepted by the Malware. From there on, I managed to run ComboFix. It removed tons of infected files.

I am still working on that ThinkPad as I am writing this.

Windows XP is so long in the tooth and yet still widely used. Windows 7 is better than Windows XP and it is not as exploited yet.

Well, I’m gonna be up for a few more hours.

Playlist for 2000-01-03


Shuffle mode on my iPhone

Bad Religion – The Defense
Kreator – The Ancient Plague
Kreator – World Anarchy
Helloween – I’m Alive
Metallica – Eye Of The Beholder
Bad Religion – Overture
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
Helloween – If I Could Fly
Dream Theater – Silent Man
Megadeth – How The Story Ends
Bad Religion – Skyscraper
Bad Religion – You’ve Got A Chance
Pantera – I’ll Cast A Shadow
Rush – The Camera Eye
L.A. Guns – Bitch Is Back
Helloween – Savage
Metallica – The End Of The Line
Foo Fighters – Enough Space
All – Right
Metallica – Ten (My Apocalypse Demo)
Stormtroopers Of Death – Diamonds And Rust (extended version)
Metallica – Slither

Waiting for Google Nexus One.

I am really interested in getting Google Nexus One. Even though Engadget has posted the review for the much anticipated Google phone, I still am hoping that Google would reveal more surprises on the January 5th, 2010 event.

For sure I wouldn’t be getting Google Nexus One if the darn thing incompatible with AT&T 3G network in addition to a steep unlocked price. I am an AT&T customer and I like the iPhone to the day.

Google better release a more universal GSM Android phone before Apple releases the next generation of iPhone.

Playlist for 2010-01-02


Shuffle mode on my iPhone.

Megadeth – Psychotron
Bad Religion – Kerosene
Dream Theater – Blind Faith
Metallica – Thorn Within
Metallica – Bad Seed
Bad Religion – Overture
All – Long Distance
Dream Theater – In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 2
Dream Theater – War Inside My Head
Guns N’ Roses – My Michelle
Slayer – Jihad
Bad Religion – Can’t Stop It
Nirvana – Very Ape
All – Mary
All – Postage
Foo Fighters – Everlong (acoustic)
Megadeth – Forclosure Of A Dream
Stone Sour – Socio
Bad Religion – Pessimistic Lines
Dream Theater – Goodnight Kiss
Metallica – German Soup (Cyanide Demo)
Slayer – Here Comes The Pain

Playlist for 2010-01-01


Shuffle mode on my iPhone.

Bad Religion – There Will Be A Way
Dream Theater – Forsaken
Megadeth – 1000 Times Goodbye
Foo Fighters – Learning To Fly
Metallica – Don’t Tread On Me
Metallica – German Soup (Cyanide Demo)
Slayer – Human Strain
Slayer – Snuff
Bad Religion – Atheist Peace
Metallica – The Day That Never Comes

It’s 2010 Somewhere.

It is 2010 somewhere  and it still feels like still feel 2009.

Things that I remember for 2009 in no particular order:

  • Google Android and all of its subsequent products
  • Palm Pre
  • Megadeth – Endgame
  • Slayer – World Painted Blood
  • James Cameron’s Avatar
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Barack Obama
  • Monk – The Final Season
  • Stargate Universe
  • Watchmen (Movie)
  • UP (my first Blu-ray disc even though I don’t have a Blu-ray player)
  • Star Trek – The one that J.J. Abrams did (My 2nd Blu-ray Disc)
  • iPhone 3GS
  • i Very Am (
  • Canon Digital Rebel T1i/EOS 500D
  • “The Big Four” Announcement
  • “The Club” with Carlos Alazraqui, Jill-Michele Meleán, Don McMillan, Tara Strong, etc.
  • RENO 911! – Cancelled!

I’m too lazy now to think what else. I’ll add them later.