What is with the John Gruber versus Paul Thurrott Obsession?

I just noticed that there’s a lot of queries about John Gruber an Paul Thurrott here. Then again, out of all the people who wasted took their time reading what I posted, only 2 commented so far. Well, at least one person is interested in the cover art for 2012 movie. Paul Thurrott fans must […]

“The Club” on The Web by Carlos Alazraqui and Ted Nicolaou

Ted Nicolaou sent me an email regarding the project I was involved in back in late 2009. “The Club” is now on The Web. Carlos Alazraqui and Ted Nicolaou collaborated and brought in many talented people on the project. Yours truly was there as a photographer as well as a a member of the band. […]

Just finish watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” on Apple TV.

Starting to get the use out of the Apple TV, I finished watching Stargate Universe “Intervention” and “Aftermath” a few minutes ago. The episodes are available through iTunes Store. It is not available directly on the Apple TV yet since MGM has not signed on the Apple TV rental services. The HD version from iTunes […]

It is Release Tuesday and I am going broke.

It is Tuesday September 28th, 2010 and tons of new releases are out today. Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man Iron Man 2 DVD and Blu-ray A Little Box Butters DVD Family Guy – Partial Term Of Endearment Megadeth – Sudden Death There are more and I’ll update this later.