The Death of TWiT

As of December 30, 2013 Tom Merritt wrapped up his last episode of Tech News Today as TWiT employee. Leo Laporte has decided not to renew Merritt’s contract because TWiT needs an in-studio anchor for Tech News Today. Merritt moved from Petaluma, California to Los Angeles, California in January 2013 as his wife, Eileen Rivera starting a new job with YouTube. Since then, Merritt did the show via Skype. On regular basis Merritt also flew to Petaluma to be in studio.

I wonder if GoToMeeting is still running advertising on TWiT shows. It is ironic how much Laporte endorsed (I do not know if he still does) GoToMeeting while it did not save Merritt’s job at TWiT.

Anyway, I was curious about what’s coming up on TWiT’s last of 2013 schedule.

The Death of TWiT

Seriously? Rob Enderle on a special edition of Tech News Today? By the way, Mike Elgan as the new TNT anchor?

Yep, this is the death of TWit, as we know it.



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