2012 and “2012”.

As I have mentioned before, I am watching “2012” the movie to welcome 2012 the year. Few things come to mind:

Other things about “2012” the movie:

  • Hey, that’s “The Operative” who kicked Malcolm Reynold’s ass in Serenity.
  • That one guy played “The Guru” from The Guru.
  • John Cusack, wasn’t he in a lot of movies? I just watched Hot Tub Time Machine a few days ago.
  • That’s the kid who played young Shawn in Psych.
  • There’s Woody from Cheers.
  • Dr. Phlox of Star Trek: Enterprise made an appearance.
  • That’s one bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. By the way, Schwarzenegger is no longer California Governor in 2012.


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