This one is for Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, moments after delivering Macworld 2007 Keynote walked the Expo floor surrounded by Apple employees, the media, exhibitors and attendees. That’s when I had a glance at the co-founder of Apple. That was the only time I ever saw Steve Jobs in person.

The seed of my career in Technology started in 1997. Having to work on a computer lab in the University I attended gave me the opportunity to play with a lot of computers. Many of them were Macintosh like the Centris, Performas and Quadras. That was not the first time I used a Mac. Back in 1984 I had a friend whose cousin had an Apple computer, it might have been an Apple II. As a kid I only cared about one thing on that Apple computer: pinball. I vaguely remembered spending hours and hours every week playing pinball on the Apple II. The same year Apple unveiled the Macintosh, which I didn’t get exposed to a few years later. Those were my early memory of any Apple products.

In Fall 2000 I landed a full-time job at the University. They got me a desktop computer which was not a Macintosh. Came Macworld Expo 2001 and Apple introduced Titanium PowerBook G4. To my surprise, I was given a choice of getting notebook computer. I chose to get the Titanium PowerBook G4 and it then became my computer of choice. Later in the same year I spent $399 + sales tax for the first Apple product I ever owned; the iPod. To this day, that iPod still plays music.

After that I purchased 2 PowerBook, 2 MacBook Pro, numbers of iPods, 4 iPhones and 1 iPad. The list doesn’t include Apple softwares and accessories. I took good care of my PowerBook and MacBook Pros. I sold a PowerBook to a friend after he begged me to sell it to him. I purchased a MacBook Pro in September 2010 to replace my original MacBook Pro Core Duo which had a cracked screen bezel. By the way I replaced the screen assembly recently, it is fully functional again.

Throughout the years I apparently influenced a lot of people to use Apple products. A semi-retired realtor purchased an iMac replacing an HP computer. A good friend purchased a MacBook Pro on the spot after using mine. A small office now only buys Macintosh as replacement to their broken computers. The list goes on and on.

I apparently I influenced an acquaintance to work for Apple, who then reported directly to Steve Jobs on some projects.

I can certainly say that Apple was part of my life for the past 10 years. Apple has been an important element in my career. I feel sadness upon hearing the news that Steve Jobs just passed away. I do not know Steve Jobs personally, but his influence is apparent in my life.

Steve, Thank You and Good Bye. Your spirit will carry on.


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