The next iPhone after iPhone 4.

I am reluctant to call the next iPhone after iPhone for as iPhone 5. Based on the “I can’t comment on that” treatments I get from some Apple employees who used to directly report to Steve Jobs (now they directly report to Tim Cook), I have summarized that the iPhone I really want is coming in 2012. That doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted in getting the rumored iPhone coming before Holiday 2011.

The secrecy surrounding upcoming Apple products always attracts a lot of attentions. Those who are working at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 campus are obligated to keep the secret; not to friends, family, not even spouse.

From time to time, I get to observe their travelling schedule. Sometimes it tells a lot. For example, a certain Apple product manager was frequently travelling to China before the iPad 2 announcement. One of the biggest scoops I discovered was shortly after the release of iPad 2 in March 2011. Even though I was getting the “I can’t comment on that” treatment, I did figure out that WWDC 2011 would show no new iPhone hardware. The discovery somehow confirmed my deductions from December 2010; Apple did not have plans to release new iPhone hardware in June-July 2011.

Currently numbers of Apple employees are heading to China and Brazil to oversee productions of Apple products. What could it be? I’m guessing it would be the next iPhone and I’m not calling it iPhone 5.

I semi-jokingly asked these apple employees if iPad 3 would be released before Holiday 2011. The answers can be summarized to: “iPad 3? Are you kidding me?”. As usual, there are no comments.

So, forget about the silly artist-renderings of the next iPhone. October 2011 is just around the corner, and your questions will be answered.



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