Nexus S, a lesson of what not to do in marketing.

I got an email from Google reminding me that the Nexus S phone is now available at Best Buy stores. I checked Best Buy site to check Nexus S availability and found out that most of the ones in my area should have Nexus S in stock. I went to the closest Best Buy store in the list, there I couldn’t find any Nexus S on display. I could see it only if I talked to their Mobile Phone sales team member with intent of purchasing one. I am currently an AT&T customer and the Nexus S would have to be really convincing for me to switch to T-Mobile. The point is that I need to try out Nexus S before even considering it.

Google need to have better marketing plan for Nexus S. Having it sold exclusively at Best Buy does not really make it easier for consumer to buy. I really prefer the way Nexus One could be purchased directly through Google. It is day one for Nexus S and I still haven’t seen it at Best Buy stores.


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