Google Nexus S, I’ll wait for now.

Google has just announced the successor to Nexus One and it is not named Nexus Two. Introducing Nexus S, built by Samsung based on the Galaxy S phone. At this moment, Google announces T-Mobile 3G compatible Nexus S. Since I am currently on AT&T which is recently ranked the worst by Consumer Reports Cell-phone Service Survey, I will have to wait just like I waited for AT&T version of Nexus One. I could get the Nexus S when it’s released, but it wouldn’t work with AT&T 3G service. I could switch, but I wouldn’t be able to use the phones I use for different purposes on T-Mobile. One Sim Card to connect them all.

Nexus S will be the first phone with Android 2.3, codenamed Gingerbread pre-installed. Google has not provided the specifics on when the Nexus One will get the Gingerbread update. One feature that I am really excited about is Internet calling (VoIP/ SIP support) on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That means I could use Google Voice without using my minutes.

According to some reports, pricing for Nexus S is pretty much the same with Nexus One. Price tag of $529 without contract and $199 with contract. I did spend $529 plus sales tax on Nexus One. At this time I do not know if I want to spend that much on Nexus S. Google is making money off the search engine on Android (plus other mobile platforms) and they could easily subsidize the phone cost. Take a page off Palm‘s, they are giving $200 off coupon for Palm Pre 2 to developers.

Nexus S sounds like a great phone with great features. Personally I would have to get my hands on one before I buy it. Fortunately it will be available on Best Buy after December 16th, 2010. Until then, I could only speculate.


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