What is this WikiLeaks people has been talking about?


It is the buzzword of 2010. A lot of people (such ach Reddit readers) are talking about it. I can’t remember if I ever visited WikiLeaks site once before. I only read about it on Reddit, SlashDot, Digg, etc. I heard about it on numerous Tech Podcasts (mostly from TWiT). I heard a bout it mentioned on Mainstream news TV, twice.

Basically, the techie and the non-techie masses will have different general perceptions with regards to WikiLeaks.

Apparently The Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder over claims of sexual assault and rape. Some commented that it’s all bout the rape, not WikiLeaks activity. Well, I have watch almost all episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit until I no longer have USA Network on my Cable TV. If my misguided knowledge is right, Assange will get detained until the authority found a way to nail him for leaking all those information.

I will not pretend that I understand what is really at stakes because at this moment I do not have enough information to form any opinions. I do fear the future as told in “1984” by Orson Wells, errrr I meant George Orwell.

P.S. Amazon has released a convincing response with regards to WikiLeaks-Amazon controversy.

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