Leo Laporte to the rescue?

Just listened to the first 15 minutes of Windows Weekly 185. Leo Laporte is definitely taking sides on the pseudo Gruber v. Thurrott saga. As usual, Thurrott is being passive aggressive towards Gruber. When Leo mentioned that he knew John Gruber, Thurrott said: “Was he a prick?”

To be fair, Thurrott’s feeling was hurt for being called a “dick” by Gruber.

I would expect Leo to come the Thurrott’s rescue since they are doing a show together.

All in all, it is like the question that Triumph The Insult Comic Dog asked a bunch of Star Wars fans:

“What substance was Han Solo was frozen in?”

“The correct answer is: Who gives a $#!+.”

Move along, there’s nothing to see here. Unless you want to give both Gruber and Thurrott more page hits.

Up next, Battle of The Fans!

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