John Gruber put Paul Thurrott on notice again for trolling.

John Gruber once again is pointing out how Bias Paul Thurrott is. Even though Gruber himself is known as an Apple defender, he never denied it. As opposed to Thurrott who always says that he is impartial observer of the tech news even though his actions made him look like a Microsoft employee.

From Daring Fireball:

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I use a MacBook Pro as my main computer. An iPhone 3GS and a Google Nexus One as my phone with one SIM card. I use Google as the default search engine. I use Safari and Google Chrome the most. As a matter of fact this post is made using Google Chrome. I am dealing with Windows OS on daily basis at work.

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  1. Funny how John get’s so upset about Paul that he calls him a dick.
    John, get your head out of apple’s ass and accept that other people can have other opinions, seriously. You insecure prick! ^^

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