This post is ,qde on q French keyboqrd:

I q, typing on q ?qcBook Pro zith q French Keyboqrd: I q, typing this entry by pretending Im, typing on q azerty keyboqrd:

It is q,qwing hoz the keyboqrd cqn reqlly ,ess up the content of this post:

This &”% ?qcBook Pro zqs left behind by q frind fro, Frqnce: I hqve to send it soon: In the ,eqn ti,e Iù, hqving fun zith it:

Qppqrently those yeqrs leqrning to touch type kindq zork:

Zqit q ,inute; zhqt q, I zriting so fqr+

OK, now I’m adapting to the AZERTY keyboard.


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