Elitist and Dentite: Enjoy your iPhone 4.

So, how long have you been waiting in line? What time did you get there? Oh, you’ve got it in the mail already. That’s good for you. I know that you will enjoy your latest acquisition called the iPhone 4.

So which one did you get? The 16GB or the 32GB model?

See I didn’t waste any time asking you the color of the iPhone 4 you’re getting. At this point we all know that you can get iPhone 4 in any colors as long as it’s black.

It’s a funny feeling that deep down inside I want the white iPhone 4 so badly, even though I haven’t seen one in the wild.  Ah well, I’m going to wait for a few weeks.

Dear Elitist and Dentite, when I had a white iPhone 4 I know that I would have just 1-upped you. So, I’m the 1-upper now?


p.s. Watch Seinfeld!


p.s. p.s. “Elitist and Dentite” will be a recurring theme.


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