Earthquake hits Baja California, Magnitude 7.2 according to report.

Update: Revised the Magnitude from 6.9 t 7.2 per USGS information.

A Magnitude 6.9 Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake hits Baja California on Easter Sunday at 3:40PM Pacific Time according to preliminary report from USGS. The quake felt also in Southern California where I’m reporting from.

There are no visible damage at this point. Some car alarms went off shortly after the earthquake hits. In Bellflower, California the Earthquake can be described as mild rolling motion. Some people who lives in San Fernando Valley also reported that they felt the Earthquake.

Well, I don’t know if I could immediately go back to playing Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was interrupted by the Earthquake.

Once again I blame Roland Emerich and his movie 2012. Now I’m a bit paranoid!


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