Thinking about not buying the iPad.

I love the idea of having a tablet computing device that I can use at home and at work. Apple has just announced the iPad and I am interested in getting one. I want one with Wi-Fi + 3G and Assisted-GPS. Having been spending a lot of time driving to different location, I can really use the GPS on the iPad. I do have an iPhone 3GS that can do all that just with much smaller screen.

Now considering getting the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, that means I have to shell out $130 more for the unit regardless of the storage size. I’d get the 16GB for now, might change my mind later. On top of that I’d have to pay AT&T for the service; $30 for unlimited data bandwidth is really attractive. The problem is that I’ve been paying that same service on the iPhone.

The year 2009 was a tough year economically, especially with the money the companies owing me. This year I’d have to replace my trusty 2006 MacBook Pro. I do not know if I could justify spending more for the iPad in addition to the MacBook Pro.

I can only work harder to make sure I have enough set aside so I can buy the iPad. For now I’d have to say I’ll wait for the iPad.


Image is courtesy of Apple Inc.

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