Trojan and Virus Versus ComboFix in Windows XP.

It is pretty apparent why I have a love and hate relationship with Windows XP. Got a call on Sunday Evening from a friend in need of assistance. An IBM ThinkPad (it’s Lenovo) fell victim to AntiVirus 2010 and some other bad Malware. As usual Task Manager doesn’t work at all along with Registry Editor. Basically it prevents any programs that might be used to remove the Malware.  I needed to improvise.

Usually ComboFix would help remove some if not most of the Malware, but the problem is the Malware automatically deleted Combofix.exe regardless of its file name.

I downloaded ComboFix.exe from a trusted source and rename it to and transfer it to ThinkPad. I renamed TaskMgr.exe to so it could run without being intercepted by the Malware. From there on, I managed to run ComboFix. It removed tons of infected files.

I am still working on that ThinkPad as I am writing this.

Windows XP is so long in the tooth and yet still widely used. Windows 7 is better than Windows XP and it is not as exploited yet.

Well, I’m gonna be up for a few more hours.


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