Leo Laporte is Delusional.

It is apparent that Leo Laporte is slowly losing his objectivity on a lot of matters.

First, Laporte said that there are new security holes found on WordPress platform every 5 minutes. I’m not saying that WordPress doesn’t have any security problems, but Laporte is saying that to promote Squarespace. Seriously Leo, I know you’re getting some payolas from Squarespace, but please stop distorting the fact.

Yes this post is hosted by WordPress.com, but I’m not getting paid for this.

I also installed WordPress on numbers of sites. Sure I need to keep up with the patches and updates. It is the same thing with maintaining any Operating Systems.

Second, Laporte keeps saying that Snow Leopard is trouble. Just because Laporte was/is not inept to figure out the so called problems he had with Snow Leopard installations, he is quickly to call it a blunder on Apple’s part. It is also apparent that Laporte showed some jealousy towards the “big media” tech journalists. Leo, your personal experience does not reflect everyone else’s.

Third, Laporte thinks that Paul Thurrott is a great tech journalist and an expert. Thurrott is not a tech journalist. Calling Thurrott an expert is like calling Carlos Mencia funny. Thurrott is basically a PR in tech journalist skin.

Leo Laporte is an example of fanboyism. Sometimes it’s a good things, but sometimes the damage it causes greater than the good.

Leo, please stop telling your radio listeners about how you feel. Tell them the truth.


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