Another Knee Jerk Reaction from TSA.

So, an inconsiderate idiotic terrorist trying to detonate a bomb in an airplane and failed. According to news source (USA TODAY) Transportation Security Administration will impose a severe limits to what passengers can carry and what passengers and crews can do during flight.

Look at what our world turns into?

Basically passengers must surrender their Civil Liberty when they’re flying into the U.S.

I hate the fact there are moronic individuals who want to cause harms to others for some idiotic cause. But we shouldn’t give up our Civil Liberties over it.

We should ban cars because it can be used for malicious intent.
We should ban computers because it can be used to attack the power plants, etc.
We should ban knives because they can be used to harm other people.

In the end I realize that this is my knee jerk reaction to the news about this stupid incident and its consequences.


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